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Miami Limousine
The Oikos Business Group revealed that the FTA with the United States encouraged the demand for real estate since multinational firms and traders came to American country Colombia to locate new sites.
The matter is of such magnitude that they are also looking for warehouses, offices, buildings and lots, firms and companies in Europe, China, Japan and other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, the construction firm said in a statement.
President Oikos, Gabriel Díaz Ardila, said the country had not glimpsed the importance of the historic signing of the treaty and said that not surprisingly the world has their eyes on Colombia because he is considered the best and most efficient bridge to other economies.
"A tremendous amount of business people in the world asking for the TLC, want to know about times and conditions as well as investment opportunities, a factor that leads them to seek real estate to install and operate.
We have already channeled several calls from managers and entrepreneurs who want land in Colombia, "said Diaz Ardila, according to the news report.
The president of the builder, all trading environment that will bring the country market in front of the building and is why logistics centers are currently the most successful investment.
The group states that to today have built three logistics centers in 600 thousand square meters in offices and warehouses where highly versatile, confirming the bet was very successful.
"This will force us to undertake new projects because they can not drown Bogotá and must enter the path of competitiveness to show that the city has everything to ensure foreign trade," he said.
Pricing in construction, he said, why not have it altered with increased demand because TLC will bring clearing and utility will on the side of the volume.
Considered that the prices are at good levels and said that it would be unreasonable to raise them because the idea is to preserve and enhance the market and prevent abuses in value over time could collapse leaving an unpleasant experience.
For the company, the situation of TLC should be established as an excellent opportunity to build, but not as a strategy to drive out or scare away investors.
He said the situation is so favorable that constituted a firm called Oikos Kovok which is the result of the union of Vavilco Ambientti and construction, which was launched to execute new projects within which is a very akin to the TLC.
great opportunities
The Oikos Business Group did not dismiss the possibility of strengthening its equity and its portfolio to realize a possible business alliance or construction firms in the United States.
"So things have improved business perspective because members come with good ideas and proposals. I really four eyes see better than two and unification is part of globalization, the great ecumenical reality, "he said in the press release.
He clarified that the group does not rule out open doors to new opportunities, but said wisely and without fear. This exploration includes the United States operate in maintaining a policy of not closing doors.
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Construction spending in the U.S. rose less than forecast in March as expenditure on public projects fell for the fifth consecutive month.
Construction spending rose 0.2% to an annual rate of 942.500 million dollars, said Thursday the U.S. Department of Commerce.
The February figure was revised to show a decline of 0.2% instead of the previously reported increase of 0.1%.
Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a rise of 0.5% in March.

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The Stock Exchange New York ended the week slightly higher, encouraged by a better than expected in the real estate sector, which prevailed over the decline in consumer confidence indicator recorded in May.
The Dow Jones industrial average gained 0.27%, to 16491.31 units, the broader index Standard & Poor's 500 rose 0.37% to 1877.86 units, and the Nasdaq closed up 0.52%, to 4090.59 units.
Peter Cardillo, Rockwell Global Capital, said it was a "great surprise" on the front of the property market, which renewed the hopes of operators in the recovery of the U.S. economy.
The start of construction of homes in April reached its highest level in five months, according to the Commerce Department.
In data adjusted for seasonal variations, the indicator of new construction rose 13.2%, with 1 million 72,000 works in April, when analysts had expected an increase of only 3 percent.
Moreover, the number of building permits submitted by the authorities in April rose 8%, returning to its pre-2008 crisis pace.
"These figures show that the housing market begins to recover," Cardillo estimated.
These data relegated to the background information on the surprising drop in consumer confidence in May, according to the first estimate of the University of Michigan.
The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) closed the session with a gain of 0.82%, after adjusting for the past few days and posting mixed indicators in the United States.
Price Index (IPC) was at 41898.84 units on a day where most of the stations operated increments, highlighting the progress of AMX, Cemex, Gruma.
With this result, the Mexican stock market had a positive balance weekly at 0.62% from the previous Friday and the first two weeks of May accumulated an increase of 2.92%, while in the year the yield is negative 1.94 percent.
Invex analysts predict that, in Mexico, the first quarter GDP will grow by 2.9%, which, to be the projected expansion, could be reflected in a further boost in the CPI.
Analysts maintain a positive outlook CPI and begin to see an improvement in certain sectors in Mexico, so keep your expectations at 49,000 points.
The weight on the interbank to 48 hours for sale category 0.34%, equivalent to a gain of 4.45 cents against the dollar, with a value of 12.9050 pesos per dollar appreciated, the report of the Bank of Mexico. The recovered weight of heavy losses in the previous session, supported by a better expectation of analysts for the U.S. economy in the second quarter. (With information from AFP, Reuters and NOTIMEX)
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Orlando Florida and have been involved in the state's economic recovery thanks to tourism, which provides approximately $ 3.7 billion in taxable sales to the state. Orlando , Florida, home to the best theme parks in the world . Among its star attractions are the Magic Kingdom Park , Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios , Disney 's Animal Kingdom and also has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon .
The housing market is now hotter than ever and demand for homes in Florida is extremely high . This is where Century 21 Team Feltrim can help . The demand for homes is high and may have difficulties to find and buy the home of your dreams. C21 has a team of highly qualified agents who will work with you to give you the house of your dreams.
It is expected that house prices rise statewide and 11% increase over the previous year, the housing market index released by Standard and Poor's.
A recent case study of S & P in house prices in the United States, prices of family houses increased by 12% since April 2011, now that the worst of the housing market crisis has been well behind. This boom in the housing market is helping us all to finally emerge from recession .
The latest reading of consumer confidence from the University of Florida shows that this month is the highest level since August 2007, when the recession and housing market crisis won the Sunshine State . But we're not just us Americans who are advancing the real estate market in this state.
The BMO reported that approximately 13% of properties sold in Sarasota -Bradenton -Venice and Orlando- Kissimmee have been purchased by Canadians. According to statistics of Realtors, the Orlando area has experienced a 6.6% increase in single-family houses and their average price at the end of 2012 it was $ 137,000 .
In the most recent statistics from Florida Realtors, published last February, shows that demand remains strong in this state and has helped raise the price of average sales of single-family homes about 12% just in the last year , $ 168,000 of this being average. The prices of apartments increased by 8.4 % to a median price of $ 136,000.
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Sales of existing homes fell and prices rose at their slowest pace. Mortgage rates are causing harm to the market recovery.
The National Association of Realtors (NAR ) said sales of existing homes fell 1.9 % last month , in September, at an annualized rate of 5.29 million units.
The August sales pace was revised down to 5.39 million units from 5.48 million units previously reported.
The NAR said a combination of high home prices , a marginal increase in wages and higher mortgage rates are weighing on affordability , which reached a low level in five years in September.
The Realtors group said sales of used homes probably peaked in July and August.
The fall in sales of used homes adds to other data suggesting that high borrowing costs are beginning to slow the housing market recovery .
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The uncertainty in the Argentine real estate market forces many local investors assess alternatives outside borders . And in that menu , Miami has become one of the favorite dishes .
Developers operating in this market know that situation and that is why more and more are coming into the country to offer their products .
For instance , US-based Related Group , owned by Argentine businessman Jorge Perez just introduced in the country, through the chairman of the Division of Condominiums, Carlos Rosso, a series of ventures that will open in mid- 2016. " More and more Argentines seeking to invest in the Miami real estate market ," confirms Rosso.
One of the proposals is Brickell Heights , is a two-tower condominium with over 690 residential units, located at 850 South Miami Avenue. " More and more investors buying departments to hire them , not to go live . These investments allow a 5% annual return , plus appreciation of good , "explained the representative of the firm . The square meter in one of these homes costs $ s4.000 .
In the local market rent is similar but in pesos.
The second proposal is Hyde Beach. "We invented a way to sell a little different , where people can buy an apartment, but with the option to rent per day when not in use. In this case , there is a hotel company which will manage the rental pool , told the businessman. Thus, a person can acquire an apartment and to use it as long as you want and the rest of the days rent . With this income the owner can cover costs and also getting a return on your investment. The prices for these units , fully equipped, ranging from USD $ 5000 and the $ s6.000/m2 .
The purchaser of a property has to know that the above price includes rental service per day with the company to find its position and fully furnished condos.
The third project in dance is Paradise Bay. Located just five minutes from the new Brickell CitiCentre complex will consist of two towers with 345 residences from 1 to 4 bedrooms, " all with a panoramic view with a value of $ 4,200 per m2 " said Rosso. Among the international figures that his department already assured Paradise Bay is sportsman Argentine Manu Ginobili, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and international DJ, David Guetta.
Miami is still a very expensive city to rent compared to the rest of the United States . The values ​​in round vacation in $ 1,600 , which means a third of what it costs in Chicago or New York half .
The real estate developer , since its founding in 1979 , has completed 80,000 departments. Besides construction in Miami , the company raises modern buildings in Brazil , Mexico , Uruguay , Colombia and Panama .
Fall in property prices
The average price of a home in the City of Buenos Aires increased 54.6 % in dollars and 8% in dollars between late January and March 2013, while the sale of new or used property continues to be depressed , according to the Association of Notaries City of Buenos Aires.
The amount of deeds of sale of properties in Capital fell 53.7 % in January compared to last December and 0.8 % compared to January 2013. 2,027 events were recorded.

Current Location: United States

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In 1895, when Henry Morrison Flagler railroad lengthened the East Coast of Florida until Palm Beach , Hallandale was not much more than a swamp, a corner of sandy soil called " marl " ( marl ) .
Flagler recruited Luther Halland , the son of a Swedish pastor who was the brother of one of its agents, to found a colony in the South Swedish Colony Danish Dania .
Halland began by promoting the subtropical climate and cheap land of Halland ( later called Hallandale ) .
He opened a trading post in the new community and became its first recipient poster ( Postmaster ) .
The settlement was slow , with only a dozen families in the city by 1900. The first school was built in 1904 Hallandale , his first church , Bethlehem Lutheran in 1906 . Originally Hallandale was a farming community and officially became a city in 1927. In 1947 , Hallandale was " embedded " in "city" with the right to annex the land to the east . In August 1999 , the city officially changed its name to Hallandale Beach Beach.Hallandale rating
Hallandale is located north of North Miami Beach and Aventura , in the east of Miramar, and South of Hollywood. To the east, it borders the Atlantic Ocean.
With a total area of about 11 km2 and 35,000 inhabitants , Hallandale has experienced profound changes during the last decade .
Once a graying cities Count Broward , Hallandale Beach knew there was not too long ago , a demographic change remarquaThree Islands - Hallandale Beach Floridable , when many young professionals began arriving in the new condominium buildings .
According to the 2000 census , the average age in Hallandale has dropped from 62 to 52 years , and the forecast is to reach 50 years in 2010 .
90% of buyers Duo , twin towers behind the Diplomat Center, are under age 55. And most homeowners in the Beach Club complex have an average age between 30 and 40 years.
The most active part of the city lies in the east , along the ocean.
Hotel Diplomat in Hallandale
Between landmarks, we will mention the Diplomat Mall Shopping Center, on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, with many great shops, cafes, supermarket, cafes and restaurants. and two condominium towers of Duo .
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Inhabitants and tourists describe all Naples (pronounced naipes ) of Paradise . Come visit your turn and you will understand why. The sunny atmosphere warms Naples has made it a holiday destination of choice in which to live, work or relax , whatever your age. Anchored on the west coast of southern Florida, where the Gulf of Mexico lapping the white sand beaches , Naples offers everything you dream . Dozens of golf courses high , art galleries outside series , gourmet restaurants and shops class, its Mediterranean climate and its extensive coastline have made Naples the second largest city in America the growth rate .
The list of the best American cities to undertake career and business , Naples ranks 32nd instead. The average income per capita is $ 41,269 - is the 11th best place in the country, and 2nd place in the State of Florida. With $ 69,800 , Naples has the highest average family income in Florida.
Long hot summers and mild, dry winters characterize the Mediterranean climate of Naples. In high season, from January to April, the mercury usually frieze on average about twenty degrees while the summer, the average reaches the upper thirties.
Often called the " Golf Capital of the World " Naples has an impressive number of golf courses designed by renowned architects in the field. With over 100 courses available , there is something for golfers of all budgets.
The sunsets breathtaking . Sandy beaches in bright white. Light caressing and Gulf breezes. The gentle lapping of the waves on the coast. Pier ( "Naples Pier " ) endlessly photographed . No wonder the Naples beaches annually attract millions of visitors ! With over 17 miles of maintained beaches and nature reserves along the Gulf of Mexico , Naples is the destination "beach" par excellence. Many public parks adjacent beaches incorporate large expanses of nature reserves allowing visitors a view of the southern part of the west coast of Florida as it has existed for centuries . These untouched areas of the coastline are a haven for both wildlife and for outdoor enthusiasts . With its two rivers , lake water source , three landlocked bay , miles of canals and many affluent access to the Gulf of Mexico, Naples also fills the dream of every boat and fishing.
the Arts
Many theaters and art galleries of Naples certainly reflect the way " connected " life that made ​​it successful. Museum pieces to unique interior design objects through original works by local artists , all reflecting the unique and rich artistic palette present . Naples also puts on shows presented at the world famous Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts or the many other venues . Naples hosts a large number of arts festivals and outdoor events . The American Style Magazine cites Naples among the top 25 arts destinations in USA
In Naples , there is no lack of entrepreneurial spirit , as evidenced by a thriving local economy in a friendly tax environment and population growth . Collier County (the " District " where is Naples) is still one of the strongest economies of the State of Florida which has one of the lowest unemployment rate , the rate of creation of higher employment and average wages among the top four of the Counties of Florida.
Public education in the Canton Collier has 35 primary and secondary schools totaling more than 38,000 registrants. The projected growth in the region plans to open 27 new schools over the next 10 years. The faculty is composed of 44% of graduates of higher education which is well represented in the region with Edison Community College, Florida Gulf Coast University and International College.
The care in Naples are of the highest quality , and people have a wide choice of hospitals : 2 large general hospitals (one in the finishing phase ) and two other medium sized , not counting the dozens of clinical ambulatory . Whatever your medical condition, you will always find an experienced professional to take care of.
Your place in Paradise
Residential communities in Naples offer a choice of lifestyles among the most distinguished in the world. Whether you are looking for a property as a permanent residence or investment , you 'll be spoiled for choice on the real estate market in Naples.
If you have decided to take up residence in this lush tropical paradise , regardless of lifestyle choices , real estate has something for you . Families , golfers, boat enthusiasts ... everyone is sure to find its "home". Whether you opt for an apartment, a condominium, an adjoining building , a 4 -detached villa or mansion, your property will always fit in a perfect architectural ensemble. You can opt for something more picturesque, traditional European style old Floridian , Texas ranch or ultra modern ... the possibilities are endless on the real estate market in Naples Florida .
And if you're not quite ready for " the big leap " , but you prefer to test the waters with some planning extended stays there , why not indulge yourself with our rentals ? I 'm betting that the leap will take place much sooner than you think !
Be in any case one thing for sure : whatever the chosen place in Naples for your home , you will always be at the beaches , fine restaurants, golf shops or your brand . So what are you waiting ?
Discover the countless opportunities for real estate in Naples Florida.
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Cheaper than Bordeaux or La Rochelle , Miami attracts thousands of French who wish to offer a second home or making a real estate investment
Real estate: a villa in Miami for the price of a T2 in Bordeaux
For ten years, between 100,000 and 150,000 French invested in Miami, mostly live without .
The string of artificial islands is still here refuge golden Tom Cruise , Madonna and other Puff Daddy , now Miami also gives the air of true-false French residential area. Now with 60,000 of our compatriots remains and more than 100 000 to be invested for ten years, the second largest city in Florida is even becoming the largest real estate French colony.

The misfortune of some doing again the happiness of others , the subprime crisis will thus forced many average Americans to put the key under a doormat quickly raised by baby boomers France. A house for 50000 ? For if , after having been often sold off by half , prices are rising again since last year , apartments and houses are much more affordable in Miami all along the coast or large French cities. Budget for a two.
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Since the 1980s , Miami is undoubtedly one of the preferred destinations for American and foreign tourists because of its mild climate and attractive beaches ...
Tourists are not the only ones , however, be deceived: Foreign investors also flock now to take advantage of economic opportunities offered by Miami ... especially in real estate .
Victor Pages, leader and founder of My U.S. Investment , analyzes recent developments in real estate prices in Miami and market prospects
A major development project : Miami 2020 " The real strength of Miami is now supported since counts in total , more than 170 sites in the project development of the city, called" Miami 2020 ". Among these sites include not only projects of residential and tourist developments such as the Porsche Design Tower ( luxury apartments in Sunny Isle in North Miami Beach), but also many commercial developments , like the Brickell CityCenter built Bouygues and estimated at $ 663 million or the redevelopment of the Miami Beach Convention Center, for $ 1.2 billion .
Parallel port activity is booming , since Miami is now the first cruise port in the world in 2013 , a number of passengers estimated at nearly 4 million. The commercial port of Miami is also very strong, and increasingly turned to South America.
The economic fabric of Miami thus denser , really , and growth is back in the city, in particular, and Florida in general , where the unemployment rate has declined from 9.1 % to 7.6 % between November 2012 and November 2013. Miami is now a city that offers strong economic and not just tourist arguments. The establishment of new companies or new sports franchises , such as the Major League Soccer , are , moreover , great news for investors ... In fact, Miami now ranks among the largest global capitals and continues offer good prospects for capital gains for investors. Prices on the rise, but still great opportunities
The Miami real estate market consists of several micro markets , where prices remain affordable for a French investor, whether for rental investment or second home . The rebound from the peak in 2006 is , however, undoubtedly began as prices have increased by 15.8 % between October 2012 and October 2013 ...
Nevertheless, it is still possible to find attractive products , including apartments , priced between € 1,700 and € 3,500 per m2. A Miami Beach but also in the districts of North Miami Beach, Aventura , or more south of the city, Coconot Grove.
For investors wishing to higher end products , prices are naturally higher, but there also , they are interesting in light of French and Paris prices . 120m2 triplex in the heart of Miami Beach is for example on sale today for € 496,000 , or 4130 euros / m2.
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